Rondo almost got punched in the face at some night club this weekend

LOWELL (CBS) A man was arrested for allegedly attempting to punch Celtics guard Rajon Rondo outside a Lowell nightclub early Saturday morning.

Rondo was at Brian’s Ivy Hall on Merrimack Street in Lowell for a promotional appearance.

While Rondo and several others in his group were leaving the club, 31-year-old Eric Valarezo of Haverhill allegedly attempted to punch Rondo.

Valarezo was arrested for disorderly conduct.

If Rondo got punched in the face I’m pretty sure Perkins would have gotten into “protective mother” mode and tore Mr. Valarezo’s face off.  Because Perk was with Rondo that night, and that’s pretty much the same thing as a fully grown female bear with their cub.  The two have a relationship that’s almost too close.

Mr. Valarezo dodged a bullet this past weekend, because if Rondo got even tapped in the face, Perkins would be behind bars without bail waiting to get charged with manslaughter.


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