Kendrick Perkins update: He’s still depressed

Perkins has plenty of folks in his corner Saturday night, drawing the loudest ovation of any player during pregame introductions. The support rubbed off on Perkins, who undoubtedly was the game’s leading scorer, though no official stats were kept.

“I never knew how much I missed being here,” said Perkins. “Definitely missed the whole city of Boston, the whole area of New England. It just felt good to be back playing basketball in Boston. It was a whole lot of fun today.”

“This city’s been good to me since I came into the NBA as a young man at 18,” said Perkins. “I never take it for granted and I definitely appreciate all the support when I come back to the New England area. You know I hated to leave. It was just fun to be back.”

And the possibility of Perkins never getting over this trade and becoming depressed which will lead to an inevitable career crash is growing closer and closer.  Because he’ll never be able to let this go.  Trading Perk for a timid nancy boy in Jeff Green and a center who took the first offer to play over seas is one of the most controversial trades in Boston sports history.  In retrospect, it was retarded.

And Perk knows it was retarded and gets choked up every time some one says Boston.  So will this trade ruin Perkins career from now on?  100% yes.

Just get someone to take away Perks belt and shoe laces if this season doesn’t happen..


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