And here comes the Tebow bandwagon

(Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

Waking up this morning and seeing that the Denver Broncos beat the New York Jets wasn’t all that surprising to me. The Jets aren’t a good team this year. Sanchez is awful and their defense looks good on paper but can give up big time points. But the response from this game in the social media world was shocking. Twitter and Facebook were blowing up and the cheesy status’ about Tebow started to flow:

“All he does is win!!”





All of this for a Qb who connected on 9 of 20 passes for 104 yards last night…yes, 104 yards. He did have 8 carries for 64 yards but regardless, he is a miserable quarterback to watch. The Broncos leading receiver was Eddie Royal with 3 catches. Three goddamn catches for a romping 15 yards.

So I’m not sure what everyone is so excited about. A quarterback who is miserable to watch play who doesn’t throw the ball that wins against shitty teams? Maybe I’ll eat my words in a month or so if Tebow can rack up another 4 wins, but I doubt it. Even if it’s hard to ignore the Marti Gras party that will occur on the internet after each dumpy win.

P.S. Jonh Elway still clearly hates Tebow


One thought on “And here comes the Tebow bandwagon

  1. Anonymous says:


    You clearly didn’t watch the game because it was past your bedtime. But Tim Tebow leading the Broncos on a 95 yard drive to beat the Patriots rival Jets, was one of the most entertaining experiences of the NFL season this year.

    Sure he has one of the ugliest throws of a quarterback this year, but you can’t deny that it was pure will (and a little bitta jesus) that pulled of that victory.

    If you were a true Patriots fan, you would be praising Tim Tebow for now, and also fear we have to play this guy in week 15.

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