Lunch of the Day

Today’s Lunch of the Day looks like something out of Guy Fieri’s gay cookbooks.  Actually Guy Fieri hates eggs so this wouldn’t be found anywhere near him. What kind of food critic/TV food personality hates eggs?  How do you get that job if you hate eating eggs?

Anyways….today’s lunch isn’t really a lunch. It’s the meal that Moose consumed last night for dinner. And let me tell you this, it was unbelievable. What this concoction involves is linguine with homemade tomato sauce with spicy Italian sausages. Now that might sound good to the average male, but I thought that the sausage wouldn’t provide the right amount of meat for this dish. So, like anyone would do I fried up two eggs and popped them on top. It sounds disgusting, it looks disgusting, and to be honest it smelled disgusting, but this dinner was off the charts.

So let this meal be a lesson to you all. If you feel that your meal won’t be filling, just throw two fried eggs on top. Sometimes it will work out, sometimes it won’t. Regardless, you won’t be hungry afterwords.


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