Wait a minute, The Big Show had a cameo in “Jingle All the Way” ?

While watching some NFL games this past Sunday, I surfed the movie channels on my couch looking for something to break up the football packed afternoon. And in between half time of one of the games, I stumbled upon one of Arnold Swarchenegger’s and Sinbad’s finest films “Jingle All the Way”. After getting immediately sucked into this movie, because I haven’t seen it since I collected mad Power Ranger action figures, I noticed in one of the scenes that the WWE’s The Big Show suddenly appeared. Naturally this made me sit up on my couch because anytime a wrestler is attempting to act in a movie, it always provides maximum entertainment. Mostly because the acting is so horrendous.

So as I watched The Big Show get in a fight with Arnold in a fake Santa Clause warehouse until he inevitably punched a midget through a wall (just watch the video below it will all make sense), I became absolutely absorbed in the “film”. I also was curious about the wardrobe selection for The Big Show. Big red overalls with no shirt underneath? Pretty gay. Especially that he still decided to keep his beard on even though he was shirtless.

So as a result of discovering this cameo I found out that Shwarchenegger, Sinbad, and The Big Show were all in the same movie. Not much more a 25 year old male can ask for.

“Jingle All the Way” and Chinese sub titles go hand in hand too right?


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