Sterling Moore and Jeff Tarpinian make beating the Jets that much better

Before the Patriots vs. Jets game on Sunday night, the routine player introductions began where it showed the player stating his name and his college. And since Pat Chung was a late scratch at safety and Spikes wasn’t in the lineup at linebacker, the Patriots were working with absolute dirt as far as replacement players. And since Sterling Moore and Jeff Tarpinian were basically called in from the stands, they didn’t have their individual introductions prior to the game. First string and second string guys get their own player introductions. Hell, even some third string guys get a player introduction. So the fact that Moore and Tarpinian only had still framed images of themselves instead of active videos makes beating the Jets that much better.

Because the Pats weren’t just throwing in second string guys. They were using guys who were mediocre practice players. These guys were a step above the dummy bags, and since the roster was thin they were thrown in the fire in a pivotal game against a division rival.

So suck on that Rex. You can flap your fat jowls all you want, but you were just beaten by two guys who had frozen framed images of themselves. NBC didn’t even have the courtesy to introduce them. Let that marinate a little…


By the way, Tony Gonzalez still holds the best player introduction of all time. Gold.


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