Finally The Rock has come back, to Boston!

The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, returned to wrestling in a three hour special edition of Monday Night Raw. Although Guar expected the whole three hour show to be dominated by classic Rock antics, it was mainly a build up for the last twenty minutes of the show. On the bright side, the other half of the Rock and Sock connection Mick Foley returned to the WWE. Mick Foley was trying to show the great city of Boston that John Cena, a recently hated superstar, is one of the greatest performers in WWE history. He went on and on and finally the Rock had enough, interrupted the Mick Foley show, came and Rock Bottemed the crap out of Mick Foley and went backstage.

In the closing segment of the show the Rock returned to the squared circle and showed the wrestling world why we miss him. His ten minute rant was better than any other matches on Raw and proved that no current superstar will ever match his charisma. Guar is an avid tweeter, and I follow the Rock and let me tell you some of his tweets get me through my workday. I’ll be doing work on my computer and it freezes and I think to myself “What would the Rock do?”. The Rock would walk into the IT guys crappy basement office and Rock Bottom him through his desk,give him a couple stomps, flash the People’s eyebrow, then leave and go to the gym. But what tonight proved is that nobody can replace the Rock, so I just restart my computer and continue hating myself.

This Sunday at Survivor Series the Rock is teaming up with John Cena to face R-Truth and the Miz. This is the Rock’s first match in seven years and hopefully it will live up to the hype. The WWE is setting the stage for the match between the Rock and Cena at next years Wrestlemania. Guar is hoping that the Rock lays the Smackdown on those jabronis and gives wrestling a much needed lift from this stagnate phase. I am currently too excited to sleep, so now I’m going to watch the Game Plan starring the one and only Dwayne Johnson. For Jammers who haven’t yet seen this timeless classic I would recommend you watch it as soon as possible. Seriously call in sick to work, go on Netflix and order it. This movie falls in the ranks on Guar’s favorite between The Power Rangers movie and My Girl 2, so you know its good. That’s it for now jabronis and I’ll leave you with some classic Rock moments, Guar out.


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