So apparently Mark Henry was crushing wings at Hooters in Saugus yesterday

So yesterday I’m sitting at my desk ready to log onto to buy some new festive socks when I get a couple messages to the Jam’s email saying that WWE’s Mark Henry was at Hooters in Saugus absolutely annihilated wings. Naturally, I wanted to go and witness the 6’4, 412 pound man destroy low-grade chicken wings. Because who wouldn’t? We all know WWE wrestlers don’t have long shelf life’s in their careers (or in life for that matter), so I wanted to see big Mark Henry in the flesh enjoy some food during his dwindling days.

A spectator sitting close to Mr. Henry’s table overheard him order and said that he put in a dismal 90 wing request to the waitress. But much to the dismay of the crowd (assuming there was one) Mark only ate 50 of them, doggy bagging the remaining 40. I don’t know if Mark has a hankering for Hooters, but their wings are absolutely terrible. And if he doesn’t really care for the wings and goes because he likes to see girls in tube tops and spandex then….well….not the best choice either. Because the girls are from Saugus. Soooo I mean…..

With the variables involved here, the whole situation is truly vexing. I am truly regretting the fact  that I didn’t end up going either. Also regretful I didn’t buy those half priced socks on too. Damn…


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