Andre Carter’s celebration style is getting serious

After sacking the Jets’ nancy boy quarterback Mark Sanchez for the first time last night, Patriots Defensive End Andre Carter jumped in the air, brought his knees to his shoulders, then slammed his legs into the ground in a scary fashion. This is the new sack celebration for the most jacked man in football.

On the year Carter has 9.0 sacks, ranking him 4th in the NFL. His pass rush is becoming noticed by Pats fans, because for the past 5 years all we looked forward to were Tully Banta-Cain rushes off the edge. Sometimes Tully was successful sometimes he wasn’t, but that was it. Now, the Pats have the state penitentiary looking vet in Carter with Wilfork in the middle and Mark Anderson to compliment him on the other side. Anderson isn’t the next Bruce Smith, but he’s quick enough to get around the edge.

But Carter’s new celebration is going to revolutionize the D-Line world. It will however discriminate against the heavier set fella’s like Wilfork and Love because there is no way in hell they will have enough gas after the play to jump as high as they can in the air. But Carter should encourage it.

P.S. Carter was about an inch from coming down on Sanchez’s Achilles tendon after this celebration. I’ll bet my Bar Mitzvah money 97% of the Patriots fans watching wanted to see his cleat slice through Sanchez’s leg. It would have been messy.


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