Tyler Vs. Taylor

Now I know the title of this article looks like something from the movie Twilight, but that shit is whack. I’m talkin’ about Tyler Seguin, of your Boston Bruins, and Taylor Hall, of the surprising Edmonton Oilers. The first and second picks of the draft 2 years ago. Hall going #1, and Seguin going # 2.

It’s only science that these guys are compared side by side. They are both having solid years. Seguin is leading the B’s with 8 goals, and 7 apples. Hall has 3 goals and 6 assists, thus far. They both can put the biscuit in the basket. They both have skills for days, and they both look like they’re 12. It will be fun to watch these 2 go head to head tonight.

The Oilers have won 7 out of 8, and are playing very well. The Bruins have looked unreal in the last 3 games, outscoring their opponents 18-5. This game should be exciting.


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