Chad Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth make list for most disliked players in the NFL

NESN – Michael Vick apparently falls into that second category, as a recent poll revealed that the Eagles quarterback is the NFL’s most disliked player. reports that 60 percent of those polled responded with either “dislike,” “dislike somewhat” or “dislike a lot” when it came to Vick.

The public surveys were reportedly conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, which tracks public perceptions of athletes and other celebrities…..

Here’s the complete list, along with the percentage of people who said they dislike each player to some extent.

1. Michael Vick (60 percent)
2. Plaxico Burress (56 percent)
3. Ben Roethlisberger (49 percent)
4. Albert Haynesworth (46 percent)
5. Jay Cutler (38 percent)
6. Chad Ochocinco (35 percent)
7. Vince Young (32 percent)
8. Carson Palmer (31 percent)
T-10. Tony Romo (29 percent)
T-10. Jeremy Shockey (29 percent)

Wow, big surprise. Well, I’m surprised that Ochocino is hated, all he does is dance and make people happy (unless you’re a Patriots fan). I think people just love to hate the Patriots. It’s like they have become the Yankees of football. But Vick, Plax, Big Ben, Albert, Cutler, Vince Young, Palmer, Romo, and Shockey all suck. Carson Palmer is an interesting one on the list. He is arrogant and told the Bengals that he is taking his ball and going home, but should he be one of the most hated players? Switch him for Philip Rivers and we got a deal. Anyways, here is my top ten list of most disliked players in the NFL:

1. Clay Matthews

2. Matt Light

3. Matt Forte

4. Matt Cassel

5. Matt Leinart

6. Matt Ryan

7. Matt Hasselbeck

8. Matt Bryant

9. Matt Slater

10. Matt Moore

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