Move over Ben Coates, Mark Anderson’s arm is branded too

Looks like a fresh one

Watching the debacle of a game yesterday on my couch, slurping red dogs and crushing hot dogs (Actually I was drinking Ginger Ale and eating salad, but Red Dog beer and hot dogs sound way cooler) I noticed that Patriots defensive end Mark Anderson had something on his left bicep. At first I thought it was four inch wide gash that needed staples, but when I slowed it down and paused it I realized that Mark Anderson’s arm was branded. And that disgusting branded arm made me think back to the old former Patriot who also had a disgusting branded arm as well…Ben Coates.

It takes a real man to take a red hot piece of iron pressed against their flesh, forever leaving a mark on the body. Not many level headed people do it. And that’s why today, when you see a dude with a healed burnt flesh wound on his body that represents a brand you have to think and wonder why. Why on earth would that guy do that to himself and why on earth am I such a pussy for not getting something as cool as that. Because when you get branded, people notice. It lets people know that you self mutilate yourself in a semi responsible way and that you have a high tolerance for pain. Both douche bag vibes but still kind of cool.

So as I watched Mark Anderson run off the field with his branded self yesterday, it made think back to old Ben Coates. The massive Tight End that was one of Bledsoe’s favorite targets. And I have to be honest. Even though there is a drastic drop off in skill between Coates and Anderson, Anderson might walk away with the best all time brand in Patriots history. And what else can a declining old defensive lineman ask for….

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