Eli Goddamn Manning beats the Patriots

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

There will be no 14-2 team this year.  Every doubt or concern we had about this team coming into the season is coming to fruition now.  I waited until the next day to write this, solely because I was I up all night holding a gun in my mouth because Eli Goddamn Manning beat the Patriots on the final drive.  The Pats are beyond exposed right now. Between the new guys in the secondary and Brady’s suspect play, this team looks like another first round playoff bust. A few things from the rancid game yesterday….

Sergio Brown, yuck

So I guess sir Sergio was surprised his pass interference penalty was called, even though it was blatantly obvious and undoubtedly cost the Patriots the game.  If that didn’t happen, then I definitely didn’t vomit before dances in high school parking lots because I was so drunk.  Sergio, the pass interference did happen.  And I puked in parking lots before dances.  Sometimes we just need to accept it and move on.

P.S. Kill everybody in the secondary besides McCourty and Chung.

Brady looks ehh…

It’s scary to think that we could be watching the slow decline of Tom Brady. Tommy boy threw 2 interceptions yesterday, none of which were tipped at the line of the scrimmage. Defenses are figuring out the Patriots offense, and it’s a pretty simple game plan. Putting pressure on Brady while stopping Welker makes for a stagnant offense. Career decline or is it a bad string of three games? I might say a little bit of both.

Ochocinco looks worse than ever

Chad was targeted a season high 5 times in yesterday’s game. And how many receptions did Chad have? Zero. Interesting time to try to get Ocho involved during such a close game. Brady and Ochocinco aren’t on the same page. Or maybe Chad isn’t on Brady’s page. Just do us a favor Chad and start another shit reality show with TO and please leave.

Jets Week Round 2

The Patriots are in the worst possible scenario as far as next week’s game. Playing the Jets in NY on Sunday night is the last thing this team needs. Because the Jets are hitting their notorious second wind in their season and the Pats are trying to learn the collage of their no-name defensive backs. I’m expecting the worst next week, and I think everybody else should too.


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