At least Kyle Arrington isn’t feeling the pressure yet…

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Kyle Arrington

@Arrington24_7Kyle Arrington 

Don’t hop back on the bandwagon later #fakefans

And the whole Patriot way of “not listening to the media or fans opinion” thing is really shot to hell. The championship teams during the Superbowl era were made up of mentally tough players that could tune out the comments from fans and the media. The 2011 team though, not so much. And that’s the difference. Granted Twitter wasn’t available to Rodney Harrison back in the day and lord knows what he would have tweeted, but Arrington is just adding fuel to the fire here. If this Pats secondary wasn’t bad enough, now they are bitching out the fan base. When you’re bad and a prick, it’s impossible to like you. And that’s whats going on here with the Patriots defensive backs. They are impossible to like.


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