Rex Ryan will act as a Patriots fan in upcoming Adam Sandler movie

Rex Ryan has officially gone Hollywood.

The brash-talking Jets’ coach plays, of all things, a New England Patriots fan in an upcoming movie starring Adam Sandler. Rich Eisen revealed the news on his Thursday podcast that featured Sandler.

Ryan plays a Boston lawyer in the film entitled “I Hate You, Dad.”

It’s not Ryan’s first rodeo on the acting scene. Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum had cameos on an episode of “CSI: New York” earlier this year.

“He’s my lawyer,” Sandler told Eisen. “My character… is kind of a dirtbag guy and he’s in trouble. Rex is an inexpensive lawyer in town. He takes care of me. He’s also a mammoth Patriots fan in the movie.”

Ryan as a Patriots fan?

“We wrote it in the script,” Sandler said. “He was great enough to be loose and funny about it. He talks about Brady. He talks about Coach Belichick. He’s really cool.”

As expected, Ryan was fully prepared to take on the role for the scene shot in Massachusetts this summer.


It’s amazing how famous and well known Rex Ryan has become. An over the top, pound your chest type coach is the face of the Jets franchise and is probably one of the faces of the NFL as well. He’s a character I’ll give him that, and I bet his role in this Sandler movie will be pretty entertaining. Because how could he not be? If he’s good or even if he’s brutal, it will still be hilarious to see fat Rex trying to memorize lines on the big screen, sweating and breathing uncomfortably.

P.S. Belichick, please don’t try to one up this. Awkward levels through the roof.

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