Meathead Tweet of the Day

Staff meeting at 130, looks like I’m going to have to rearrange meals 2 and 3 of the day #meatheadproblems

Today’s tweet comes from the Jam’s very own Guar.  Ever wonder what an ex-college football player looks forward to during the work day?  Meals.  Meals to build mass.  Unhealthy mass.  Because when a college athlete’s career comes to an end, they naturally cut down on running.  And in Guars situation, he has cut down on the running but increased his calorie intake.  The objective is to build mass and muscle, which is probally happening with Guar.  But there isn’t any balance.   He should just make himself puke after certain meals like I do to even it out (I’m kind of kidding about this).  It’s great except for the constant sore throat and mood swings.


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