Introducing the scariest NBA player to pull over for a DUI

Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace plead guilty in court today for DUI and possession of a fire arm under the influence.  The incident occurred September 24th, and Ben was allegedly very cooperative with the police.  And I am shocked by this.  Not shocked Ben was cooperative, but shocked that the police force that pulled over the 6’9 mountain of muscle didn’t over react and cause a scene when they saw an enormous, frightening looking black male in the driver’s seat.

Because let’s be honest, cops have blown situations similar to this out of the water. With much less intimidating perpetrators too. But someone like Ben Wallace is a cops nightmare to pull over. Especially at night. Because the thought of trying to detain and cuff a guy who used to put HEAD BANDS around his biceps for games seems almost impossible (the standard arm bands got too tight on his arms so he had to upgrade to head bands, true story).

If I were the cop in this situation, I would have probably called in for back up plus additional help from the Marines. I know Ben is probably a great guy off the court, but I wouldn’t take my chances in case he decided to flip a switch and punch a hole through my sternum.

So I guess I’m commending both parties here. The cops and Ben Wallace. Because there would have been a lot of bloodshed if tempers flared.


3 thoughts on “Introducing the scariest NBA player to pull over for a DUI

  1. Brendan Quartararo says:

    He sure is the scariest NBA player to pull over!!!!!!! I wouldn’t want to fight him!!!!!! Those arms are huge and I bet his right hook or left hook are deadly!!!!! Veins are even popping out!!!!!!

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