Goosebump City: Mark Herzlich

Mark Herzlich@MarkHerzlichExactly two years ago today I sat in the chemotherapy chair for the last time. #miracles #blessed

The one thing I know about life so far in my pathetic 24 year existence, is that it’s about overcoming obstacles. Not little shit like drinking diet coke instead of regular coke because the store ran out or pissed that you forgot to TIVO your favorite show, but legitimate life altering obstacles. And Mark Herzlich did that. Not to sound preachy, but he went to hell and back and then somehow made an NFL roster. So when you’re pissed because your cell phone battery died today or you’re wearing your last resort pair of ripped underwear (me), remember it could be much worse.

For the record I hate BC Football but I do like Mark Herzlich.

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