Paul Pierce, Buzz Lightyear Swag

Forgive me for using the word swag. It’s over used and gay. But here is Paul Pierce repping the Buzz Lightyear costume at one of the many mansions he owns. This thing had to be a custom fit costume. Because Halloween stores don’t just have 7XL Buzz Lightyear costumes laying around that can fit 6’6, 275 pound NBA players.

I’ve said it before, but I have sources that Pierce is well over his listed weight of 235 pounds. The Jam’s very own Scal saw Pierce in Vegas roughly three years ago coming out of a nightclub (I’ve told this story before but who cares, it’s a good story). Pierce was cross eyed drunk and Scal approached him in an attempt to get an autograph. Obviously, the autograph mission failed, but Scal did say that Pierce was twice as wide as he was (Scal is about 220 lbs). Believe this story or not, I don’t care. But if you do believe it, Scal then noted that Pierce stumbled into a car later that night with two fat white hookers. Again, you can take this story for what it’s worth, but this is Scal’s exact recollection of the night.

But ya as I was saying, this Buzz Lightyear suit is huge.


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