Lunch of the Day

Today’s lunch was one of those meals that you hate telling people about. I missed breakfast this morning. Big mistake. And when I say I “missed” breakfast, I mean that I woke up late and left myself five minutes to shave my face, get dressed, and find my keys. My face looks like it has rug burn because I shaved too quickly, my pants are unwashed and stained in strange areas, and my stomach was sucking up against my spine this morning due to hunger. So when the clock hit 12:00 PM today, I sprinted to the local cafeteria and ordered whatever the special was on the counter. I was so hungry I almost ate the cold, model, special that had been sitting out next to the cash register for 2 hours. It was some mexican dish with cheese, salsa, rice…to be honest I had no idea what it was, but when I got it in front of me it wasn’t pretty. Me eating this meal looked like a racoon just found a fresh bear claw in the dumpster. I think I might have blacked out in the middle, but I do remember getting up to get a spoon instead of a fork so I could shovel it into my mouth faster. It was a full on slaughter.

And this image above is the aftermath. I’m not proud of myself today, but I’m happy to say I won’t be hungry for at least a couple more hours.


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