Is Buffalo Bills’ Ryan Fitzpatrick the richest mediocre QB ever?

RotoWorldBills signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to a six-year, $59 million extension with $24 million guaranteed. Fitzpatrick was making just $3.195 million this year, the final season on the backup contract he signed in February of 2009. While the 29-year-old’s talent is thoroughly unimpressive, Fitzpatrick has Buffalo off to a 4-2 start, benefiting from coach Chan Gailey’s quarterback-friendly scheme. The Bills would be smart to continue exploring the quarterback crops in upcoming drafts, because Fitzpatrick is only a mediocre long-term solution. He’s been prone to fast starts and slow finishes in two seasons as the Bills’ starter. The new deal is exorbitant considering Fitzpatrick’s physical skill set.

What a lucky son of a gun. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a perfect backup quarterback playing in a system set up for success at his position with one of my favorite wideouts in the game, Stevie Johnson, holding his hand the entire way. So what do the dumb Bills do, sign him to a long-term deal. Chan Gailey has what, two years left? Of life that is. Then what? Fitzpatrick becomes the richest backup quarterback and forces the Bills to rebuild again? Just an awful contract. But I will say I am happy the Harvard grad got his money and he will be the starting quarterback on an AFC East team for the next six years.


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