What does Delonte West plan on doing during the NBA Lockout?

With the NBA Lockout situation drags out we at the Jam HQs were thinking about how some players may take advantage of their time. Pierce may open up a few McDonald’s franchises and Kobe might even play ball in Italy. But what about the real nut jobs? We talked a lot about Delonte West and the endless possibilities. Here are some of the things we think Delonte may choose to do with his time off:

Build the world’s largest LEGO bridge.

Open up a used weapon shop. Not just guns and knives, but all types of weapons from grenades to ninja stars.

Apply to a local package store. He will get the job, obviously, but soon lose it when the owner realizes his blueberry nips are disappearing at a rapid pace.

Go to BJ’s Wholesale around noon and 6pm everyday and take advantage of the endless free samples of bbq chicken bites.

Join a local motor cycle club.

Break into the Patriots’ practice facility to show he has was it takes to make the team, only to be escorted out by Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth.

Start up a legitimate “MILF” prostitution ring in Nevada.

Nothing, just sit on his coach and gain 83 lbs of pure potato chips, donuts, and ketchup.

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