Terrell Owens gets an offer….from an Arena Football Team

So, maybe no NFL teams showed up to watch Terrell Owens work out on Tuesday. Owens still maintained confidence that some team would be interested in his services, and as it turns out, he was right. It just might not be the team he had in mind.

It’s the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League. They want to bring T.O. into the 50-yard indoor war.

“We feel that this is an ideal time to approach the future NFL Hall of Famer,” said Rush General Manager and President Gene Nudo. “It would be a fantastic honor to add Terrell to our current roster for the 2012 season.” YAHOO

Swallowing your pride to play in a lesser league because your skills are diminishing by the second is a tough thing to do.  T.O. must be feeling pretty low and rejected right now.  The NFL squeezed every once of talent out of him, and now his skill set is applicable to the minor leagues of football.  Somebody make sure T.O. won’t be swinging from the rafters later on tonight….


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