Bruins Vs. Canadiens, Ding. Round One

The Bruins have been stuck in somewhat of a rut, standing at 3-5 right now.  But low and behold, the Canadiens have been brutal this year. They got their first home win this season last night. They might just be the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. However, I would say that if they were 1212-0 or 0-12, so it is what it is. With Montreal coming to town it’s just what the doctor ordered.

1). We beat them, in Overtime, in game 7.

No matter what happens tonight, it doesn’t change the fact that we beat them in a game 7 en route to winning the Stanley Cup. The Canadiens have to be downright pissed about what transpired after we sent them home crying. If I were on the ice, after every whistle I would say something about being a champion. I would also wear my ring under my glove so I could leave imprints of the spoked B on the faces of all the Canadiens.

2). P.K. Subban.

This guy sucks something awful. I’m not talking about his talent. The kid has talent for days. However, he plays the game like a school boy bitch. He tries to start something, then as soon as it’s about to pop off, he smiles and put his hands up and waits for the refs to break it up. Listen, if this guy was in black and gold, he would be loved by Boston. But he’s not, we have Brad Marchand, who some compare to Subban. Only difference there is Marchand has a Stanley Cup ring, and he isn’t afraid to keep goin’ after the whistle stops.

3). Max Pacioretty.

We all remember what happened to Max Pacioretty. Zdeno Chara introduced him to the glass between the benches last season. I don’t like to see anyone get hurt, it was scary. However, the fallout that ensued after the hit was absolutely ridiculous. A police investigation? Really Montreal? Whatever, that issue is dead. It will be interesting to see how the crowd and teams react to him and Chara being on the same ice again.

4). It’s the friggin’ Montreal Canadiens

This game should be nuts from start to finish. It’s one of the best rivalries in sports. I expect it to be a physical game. And if there aren’t more than two fights I will eat my own hat. These teams hate each other. There is respect, but that’s where it ends. There will be some special teams play, there will be some big hits, bullshit after the whistle, and Renee Rancourt will bring down the house with the national anthems.


Everytime P.K. Subban touches the puck, he will be booed. Chara will eat someone’s face. Horton and Lucic will play the role of the bash brothers. Tyler Seguin will continue to impress, and Tim Thomas will make the Canadiens look stupid. I have the Bruins taking this one. 4-2. I am going to start drinking at the Harp around 5 p.m. If your in the area, come see your boy.

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