Will the real God’s Gift please stand up

Once again this week we at the Jam Headquarters are talking about “God’s Gift.” If you remember a few days ago, we introduced “God’s Gift” Andrew Quarless. And today we bring you a more formal God’s Gift, somebody actually named “God’s Gift.” God’s Gift Achiuwa is a Junior Forward on the St John’s basketball team. Achiuwa’s father is a preacher and thought it was only right to name his son “God’s Gift.” Now this is much more legit since when he was given this name rather than appointing himself God’s Gift as Quarless has, but who is the better of the two God’s Gift? You can make a case for Quarless since he is a professional athlete and plays for a championship team (Green Bay Packers), but giving yourself the status of being God’s Gift is a little much since he is a back up tight end. We don’t know much about God’s Gift Achiuwa but being given the name “God’s Gift” at birth and then becoming an amazing athlete says something. Could Achiuwa truly be God’s Gift to us all? The answer is no, as we all know Tom Brady is truly God’s Gift.

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