Based on looks alone, I don’t like Ben Cherington

It’s no secret Boston, and the Northeast, is a fairly superficial place to live. People gravitate towards the best looking, the best dressed, and the people with the most money. Ugly people aren’t famous in these parts nor are they running companies and corporations. If you are easy to look at and don’t have any major disfigurements, then you are most likely top dog.

And with that being said, here is my issue with the new GM of the Red Sox, Ben Cherington. He’s not the best to look at. And maybe I am buying into the whole superficial Northeast thing (actually I definitely am), but Cherington’s looks come up a bit short. I’m not saying Theo was a Greek sculpture, but he was young and confident. It felt reassuring that the person running the Sox was a fresh faced confident kid with gusto.

Still with me?

All I’m saying, in a very simple way is that I think Cherington is an ugly dude. And basing it off looks and looks alone, I don’t like him. He has been in baseball for years and has been with the Sox for some time and very well could be a tremendous GM in the near future, but I just don’t enjoy looking at him. His nose, his misleading smile, and kind of a dickhead vibe just doesn’t work for me (the superficial meter just broke).

Call me crazy, but having an ugly GM run a team is bad for everybody. An no, I am not gay.


3 thoughts on “Based on looks alone, I don’t like Ben Cherington

  1. CHart says:

    I came up with a theory in college and it is this: all kids from NH are ugly. Now that probably doesn’t apply here because he is a man..or almost a man..he’s 37, not 40 (see what I did there?) But in any case, I must agree..he’s not even…cute…not cute at all. And no, I am not gay.

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