Was Theo Epstein Milton from “Office Space?”

ESPNFor his final two weeks with the Red Sox, Theo Epstein joked Tuesday, he felt like Milton, the character in the 1999 comedy “Office Space” who due to a computer glitch was never told he no longer worked in a software company and kept getting paid, even though basically all he did was lend his Redline stapler to co-workers. “It was like someone forgot to tell me I didn’t work there any more,” Epstein said of his final, awkward days at Fenway while the Red Sox and Cubs were haggling over compensation. 

So Theo thought he was Milton from “Office Space” at the end of his days in Boston. Well Theo, you have been upgraded to Mike Bolton in Chicago.

As he was introduced as the Cubs’ new GM, Epstein wanted to share his love to us and stated, “To my friends, all my co-workers with the Red Sox, and especially the fans, thanks for all the great times together… I’m really proud of what we accomplished there and I wish you nothing but the best going forward.” He also went on to thank the ownership, probably for allowing him to get the hell out of the mess in Boston. Well here is to you Theo/Mike Bolton, we salute you.


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