Introducing the worst Chad Ochocinco drawing on the planet

I stumbled across this drawing not too long ago. Kind of like a paleontologist stumbles across the final bone of a T-Rex in the Arizona desert. Maybe this wasn’t as monumental or as gay as finding a rock, but it’s a big deal to me. I found this drawing in the break room of the TBJ head quarters. It was left alone to die, as I discovered it with an unknown spilled substance all over the bottom of the paper. The substance resembled a hybrid sauce of buffalo and coffee, but I was too scared to smell it.

So as I picked up the drawing with my thumb and pointer finger, I noticed the drawing was labeled “Ochocinco” on the bottom. I put two and two together, and realized that the drawing was a cartoon figure of the Patriots wide receiver. Perplexed with the lack of resemblance to Chad, I began to analyze the picture and took away some key mistakes that the artist made:

1) Very poor attempt on the teeth:
– Way too many and way too Gary Busey looking. With those teeth you could eat a jaw breaker like an apple.

2) Stomach exposed 1980’s practice football jersey:
– These don’t exist anymore. Idiot

3) Awful looking “number one” point pose
– Although the gesture is accurate to Chad’s “me” behavior, Chad’s hand looks like it was slammed all day in a revolving door.

Besides the overall awful appearance of this picture, this drawing isn’t that bad. Maybe I’m being too hard on this or maybe it’s the fact that I’m pissed off because I only had a small handful of nuts this morning for breakfast and am ready to rip someones head off due to starvation. Either way, you suck Ochocinco.

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