This might be the best NFL cheap shot in years

The Packers and Vikings are two teams that typically don’t like each other. But Minnesota defensive end Brian Robison’s actions on Sunday were below the belt — literally.  Following a 39-yard field goal from Green Bay’s Mason Crosby, a scrum broke out back at the line of scrimmage. As pushing and shoving ensued, Robison, who had fallen down, delivered a boot to Packers offensive lineman T.J. Lang’s groin.  Aaron Rodgers might have his wrestling belt celebration, but Robison’s kick was a little too WWE-esque .

I love this. Absolutely love this. There was nothing subtle about this shot. Robison felt around with his heal, positioned his foot, and executed a picture perfect crunch to the nards. And I’m happy it happened. Because cheap shots like this need to exist in the NFL. Without it, everyone in the league is on the same level of conduct. And that just can’t happen. The last thing the league needs to become is a bunch of “yes sir” scared athletes who care about Goodell’s iron fist. But Robison doesn’t care, Suh doesn’t care, and hopefully more players soon follow in their footsteps.  And you can’t argue this doesn’t make the game more exciting.  Nobody rewinds a play where a defender lets up on the running back before going out of bounds.  But everyone will rewind a play when a guy gets his nuts pushed back into his stomach.

By the way, is this the only reaction when you get hit in the balls?  The bent legs, hurled over, double hands on the nuts pose?  I think it might be.  It’s one of those reflexes that you can’t hold back.  Like keeping your eyes open when you sneeze, it’s impossible.

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