Lunch of the Day

A wise man once told me you can never have too many sauces for a meal. It’s a shame, because that wise man is now dead because he ate over 5000 milligrams of sodium alone with each meal. Mainly because of the sauces. But this lunch warrants many dipping sauces. Ketchup, Sirachi sauce, mustard, and Tabasco were all used during this meal. And the cafeteria where I ate this meal knows about it. Because when I was filling up my third container of sauce, I spilled half of it all over the plastic cutlery. The hot sauce literally went all over the white plastic forks and knives, but it would have been too embarrassing and too lengthy of a process to clean it up. Luckily, no one saw what I did. So, as anyone would do, I went back to my table and watched people who wanted plastic cutlery for their meals act disgusted because of the mess I created. And to be honest it was hilarious. I feel bad, but it really made my 45 minute lunch break that much better.


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