Dime of the Week

And in this week’s segment of Dime of the Week we feature the lovely wife of former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. Not the worst but not the best. In a way they kind of look like they should be related. Not brother or sister, but like first or second cousins. And if she’s anything like her vibrant, hilarious, outgoing husband (kidding, Theo is miserable and boring as shit) then they must have the greatest time together. Just bland conversation after bland conversation. And soon enough they will produce a child that will have Theo’s perma-frown and fantastic sense of humor. So for now, enjoy your wife Theo before you and her get bogged down with yet another vanilla conversation from your kid.


3 thoughts on “Dime of the Week

  1. Realist says:

    No disrespect…. they seem like a great couple. But dime of the week? Have you actually seen girls in real life?

    C’mon.. a Dime is just that…. a 10.

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