Waiver Wire Wednesday

It’s your boy Kooz here with another weekly installment of waiver wire Wednesday in the world of fantasy football. It’s bye-week time and bye-weeks suck. They are the worst. However, the top fantasy news has to be shifted to the QB position. There are some new QB’s looking to get after it here in week 7. Who’s worth playing? I don’t really know, but let’s take a look.

Carson Palmer – Jason Campbell goes down with a collar bone injury. What to do now? How about throwing some 1st round picks at the Bengals and see if they bite. And bite they did. Carson Palmer is headed to Oakland and he is ready to beat some ass. Palmer is going to start Sunday and what better team to have him start against, than the lowly Chiefs. Is he rusty? Probably. Should you care? No. This guy is good and I mean real good. I picked him up in one of my leagues and you bet your ass he’s starting this week.

John Beck – So it looks like old Rex Grossman ain’t cuttin’ the mustard anymore in D.C. Enter John Beck. Listen, this guy played alright last week when he came in for mop-up duty. But let’s be real here. Beck was turned away from the Redskins practice facility in the off-season because the security guard didn’t know who he was. As funny as that is, I don’t know how Beck is going to do. He could come out and put the team on his back. Or, he could come out and look like an ass-clown. The choice is his, and his alone. If you need someone to fill in for a bye-week, he could do the job.

Christian Ponder – Donovan McNabb has been benched yet again. Maybe, it’s time to ride off into the sunset and get back to your Campbell’s Chunky roots man. Ponder has very little experience. He played in the pre-season, but the pre-season is boring so no one watched. As far as the struggling Vikings go, they are trying to spark some life into the team. He could put up some points if he relies on the screen pass to A.P. We’ll see how the young one does this week.


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