Is Country Music to Blame for the Red Sox Dugout Drinking?

Although sometimes criticized for its lyrical choices, Guar is a huge fan of country music. Many people think that all country music is songs about beer, trucks, and heartaches. Well in this particular song, those people are right. Kevin Fowler, a country music singer recently debuted his music video “Hell Yea I Like Beer”. In the video there are cameos from various country artists, but the most confusing appearances are the ones of the Red Sox starting rotation. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, John Lackey and Tim Wakefield all make celebrity appearances, singing along with the lyrics of the song “I’m talking 365 days a year, I can do it around the clock, I don’t like it just a little, I like it a lot even hot hell yeah, I like beer”.

Is it a coincidence that all the players in the music video were all accused of drinking in the dugout? I guess the pitching staff really took the lyrics to heart and drank 365 days a year, especially when they were watching from the dugout. I mean what’s better than enjoying an $8 beer and watching baseball. I would like to think that this is the reason behind John Lackey’s performance this year. I would love to get paid $16 million to suck at baseball and drink beer. Why is Kevin Fowler, a Texas native, have a team from the North East in his music video when the Texas Rangers are a short drive away? Yet, a music video that is all about drinking beer probably isn’t the best thing for Josh Hamilton.  All it takes is one drop of booze to start a tsunami of drug abuse for that guy.

Although this matter is under further investigation, the guilty culprit may be Kevin Fowler. Maybe if he didn’t do this music video the Red Sox would be in the playoffs, instead of having one of the most epic collapses in sports’ history. Is this situation going to deter Guar from listening to country music? No, not at all.  But honestly yea I know the Red Sox lost, it sucks but for right now it’s Bruins and Pats season. It’s time to look forward to them winning and not trying to dissect the reasons why the Red Sox lost. That’s it for now, GUAR out


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