Brandon Lloyd to the Patriots?

Trade talks involving Brandon Lloyd intensified Sunday night, with the Broncos hoping they can complete a deal for their Pro Bowl receiver by today.

At one point Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers were showing the strongest interest, but the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams were also in discussions, according to two NFL sources.

The trading deadline is 2 p.m. MDT on Tuesday. Given their druthers, the Broncos would like to move Lloyd before practice today as they return from their bye week to resume preparations for their next game, Sunday at Miami.

Lloyd will report to the team’s facility this morning.

In return for Lloyd, the Broncos would like to get a midround pick in the 2012 draft.” DenverPost

Welp, it’s been real Ochocinco. That fact that the Patriots are even entertaining this idea is a sign that your hours in New England are numbered. I heard your name called once in yesterday’s game, and that was when you cut your route off too late resulting in an overthrown ball from Brady. Besides that, I may have heard some furious fans on the audio screaming “Rot in hell Ocho!”.

So even this deal doesn’t happen, I’ll bet my Bar Mitzvah money that Taylor Price starts seeing some snaps instead of Ocho in the next game.


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