Ochocinco plans on giving away 20k to three millionth twitter follower

Want to get Twitter followers fast? Chad Ochocinco has the formula down pat: bribe them.

The New England Patriots    New England Patriots Latest from The Business Journals Brady puts penthouse up for .5MNext Valley Super Bowl a whole new ballgameTom Brady and Gisele Bundchen re-list penthouse Follow this company wide receiver and prolific tweeter already gave away $10,000 to his two millionth follower. Now, he’s planning to give $20,000 to his three millionth follower.

How many followers does Ochocinco have? As of 10:45 on Friday morning, 2,875,137 followers to be exact. BizJournals

Son of a bitch Chad.  Just stop it, please.  I mean obviously I will wait until the followers creep up to the three million number and then attempt to follow you so I can receive 20k from you, but this is just petty bullshit.  Clearly I will keep a strict watch on your twitter account hourly so I can be the one to claim this ludicrous prize of twenty thousand dollars in cash, but shit like this has to go.  Promoting yourself for cash…absolutely pitiful Chad, no one will follow this contest.

By the way you followers just jumped by 15 while I was writing this.



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