I guess nobody can eat chicken anymore because of the Sox: Just ask Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez picked a bad time to eat poultry.

Yes, that’s what this crazy sports town has come to — you eat chicken this week, you’re making fun of a professional sports franchise.

With rumors swirling about members of the Red Sox eating fried chicken and drinking beer during baseball games, the Patriots tight end conducted interviews while noshing on a piece of chicken with a smirk on his face, as seen in the video below. NESN.com


First of all, the chicken was General Tso GRILLED chicken, not fried.  And second of all, it’s what was available for lunch that day for the Pats.  If meatballs were available that day, I’m sure Hernandez would be eating a friggin’ meatball while getting interviewed.  So no, this wasn’t a shot at the Red Sox because he was eating chicken.  If he was popping painkillers bitching about his divorced wife, then it would be a subliminal taunt towards the Sox.  But this?  Come on mannn.

P.S. That chicken looks unbelievable.

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