Smell ya later David Ortiz?

Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, in an interview with ESPN, said that the histrionics surrounding the Red Sox have become so overwhelming that he is unsure whether he wants to return to the team with whom he has spent the last nine seasons. With revelations about the Sox’ dysfunctional clubhouse culture mounting, the decision for Terry Francona to leave after eight years as Sox manager and GM Theo Epstein likely following him out the door, Ortiz — a free agent this offseason — said that his desire to return to the Sox has diminished.

“There’s too much drama, man,” Ortiz said in the interview. “There’s too much drama. I have been thinking about a lot of things. I don’t know if I want to be part of this drama for next year.”

Understandable David, but complaining about not getting credited for an RBI during a regular season game this past season didn’t exactly help the team situation. And no I’m not buying it that it was a prank. So who are you kidding, you love the drama. Call out the manager for not starting Aceves again, that helps too.


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