Shocking, no one can buy Tom Brady’s $10.5 million Back Bay Manor

Celebrity real-estate flippers Tom Brady [stats] and Gisele Bundchen are making another pass at selling their Back Bay pied-a-terre.

The New England Patriots [team stats] QB/QT has, once again, put his posh penthouse on Beacon Street up for sale, but this time he’s dropped his price to $10.5 million, $400,000 less than his $10.9 million asking price in 2009.

Even the MVP has to bow to the soft real estate market, we guess …

The 5,311-square-foot model manse overlooking the Charles River boasts three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths over two floors. But there is so, so much more …

Boston Herald


To be honest, I’m not sure how I would feel buying a manor where I knew a child was born in the bath tub.  Because that’s what Giselle did with young Benjamin.  Popped him right out in the bathtub of the master bed room.  I’m sure the manor is gorgeous, but I’m also positive that I could never take a bath without taking a shower after that bath because of the whole natural birth thing.  There’s just something strange about the whole situation that would make me feel very uncomfortable.  Almost to the point of me preferring there was a murder in the bathroom rather than a natural birth.  Sorry Tom it’s a deal breaker, on to the next $10 million manor.       

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