Fantasy Football Update

It’s waiver Wednesday for all you fantasy football lovers out there. We here at the JAM love our fantasy football. Actually I’ve never talked to anyone on the staff about fantasy football, but rest assured, everyone is nuts about this shit. So, who should you pick up? Who’s gonna be the next Jason Hill this week? Wait, who? Exactly, Jason Hill, wide receiver from your Jacksonville Jaguars, went off last week. Let’s take a look at who should be on your radar:

Tim Tebow – Sometimes Tim…I don’t believe I know you. Nevertheless, Tebow is getting the nod to start at QB after the Broncos bye week. Suck it Kyle Orton. I picked him up immediately for a few reasons.


1). I have Josh Freeman. He got me 3 points and he pisses me off right now.

2). The kid is a winner. Like him or hate him. He knows how to win.

3). What he did in the last 5 minutes of last weeks game was unreal. If he can do anything like that in week 7, I’ll be jacked up.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis – The Law Firm looked like a burly hair chested stud last week. He also played a great game of football. His stock is on the rise after going over 100-yards last week with 2 scores. With Danny Woodhead sidelined with an injury, and Stevan Ridley looking eh last week, Benjarvus looks to be getting the lions share of the carries. It’s also encouraging that the Patriots are now running the ball just as much as they are passing. If you have him, start him. If your playing against him, good luck.

Anyone on the Lions – What this team has been able to do is nothing short of amazing thus far. Are they a flash in the pan? Maybe, but for the time being, I’m buying anything they are selling. Pettigrew, Best, Johnson, Stafford, Titus Young, the defense, hell even the kicker. They are kicking ass and taking names.

Michael Crabtree- He has been hurt since the beginning of the year, but he has come back looking to get it going. Alex Smith doesn’t look like a jackass out there either. With Braylon Edwards out, and Ted Ginn trying to do anything other than kick returns, Crabtree could see a lot of balls coming his way. I like him this week. I don’t know why, but I do.

Earnest Graham – LaGarrette Blount is a beast. However, he is a beast with an injury. If he can’t go, Graham could be a huge pickup. Even if Blount does go, he could be ineffective if the injury is too much. Did I mention, Josh Freeman sucked last week? The Bucs could be looking to run the ball after getting worked by San Francisco.

Matt Moore – The Dolphins are floundering. Can they be saved? Did they sign Sage Rosenfels? Couple of things here. Yes, they signed Rosenfels for some reason, and no they probably can’t be saved. But that doesn’t mean Matt Moore can’t help some people out. He doesn’t suck as bad as people think. Albeit he isn’t the best QB option, but he definitely knows how to play the game.


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