Bruins Hit The Road

A 1-2 start and already a lot of people are calling for line changes and shake-ups. And to those people I say cool your jets people, just cool ’em. It’s 3 games. Three games out of an 82 game schedule. I agree they haven’t looked great aside from that win against the Tampa Bay Stamkos’, but it will eventually click.

The question with this team will always be about the offense. Can they score and score in bunches? I think they definitely have the ability to put points on the board. The defense is strong, not worried about that whatsoever.  And the Bruins are hitting the road for their first road trip of the season.  A few things to look for:

1). David Krejci – Krejci apparently went down in practice with a “lower body injury.” Just the least specific way of saying he’s hurt in the leg region. He won’t be with the team for at least tonight’s game against Carolina.

2). Tyler Seguin – Seguin put on some weight. He looks good. He just hasn’t been able to put together complete back to back games. With Krejci out, maybe he’ll get a larger opportunity to show the world what he can do on a consistent basis.

3). Goalies – Still convinced we have the best goalie combo in all the land. Tuukka played great Monday, only allowing one get by him. He just didn’t get any goal support.

4). Rich Peverley – Peverley has signed a nice 3-year contract.  This guy can fly, and he has shown early in the season he can put the biscuit in the basket. Look for him to continue to put up some numbers. Thanks Thrashers, morons.

5). Fight – Let’s start fighting some people. When things aren’t going the way you want them, take off the gloves and beat someones face in. It’s how the west was won.


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