What was the best part of the Bruins’ banner raising? Certainly not the game…

There were so many highlights from last nights Boston Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup Championship banner raising, but what was the best of them all? Could it have been Andrew Ference giving Mark Recchi the old Bruins Starter jacket? Or maybe listening to the Boston fans booing owner Jeremy Jacobs. I mean, shouldn’t you give him a little slack now that the team has won? Still funny. But maybe not the best part. When it comes to being the “best” of anything, it should make you shed a tear. So what go the eyes watering more than anything else last night? The answer, Milt Schmidt. This dude is older than dirt. Seriously he is 93 and still with the team. Schmidt got to see the Red Sox win three championships… well he was alive for three championships. Not many people can say that. Anyways, it was amazing seeing him out there even if he may not have known what the hell was even happening, it was still cool.

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