Have the Jets lost their swagger?

It’s about time the New York Jets have come down from their golden thrown they have placed themselves on. Now at just 2-2 on the season it doesn’t look like the Jets’ season is getting any easier as they have to deal with Tom Brady and the potent Patriot’s offense this week. The average at best Jets should be 1-3 right now, after barely pulling out a win against the Cowboys and terrible Tony Romo, so the deflated egos of the Jets know they need to be much better to beat the Pats this week. So how has the cocky cast of stars dealt with the idea of not being elite? Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress is acting as modest as he ever has in dealing with this rough start and heavy criticism. Well as modest as Plaxico can be…

It’s what you’ve got to expect if you go out and lose two games that you should have won… With the fashion in which we [Jets] lost Sunday night, we expect to be underdogs…Why would anybody on the outside, as far as analysts, prognosticators, whatever, have us going in and being able to compete with Tom Brady and a Bill Belichick-coached football team? We expect it, but it doesn’t bother us all. 

Okay, so it is modest for Plax, but not exactly acknowledging how they have truly been playing. Even if they don’t believe they are just decent, is this not the first time since Rex Ryan became head coach of the Jets that the team hasn’t been the most confident team since Broadway Joe was plugging every broad on in North America? Here’s to hoping the Patriots can get this squad to an all-time low.


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