Bruins, Time to Get Back to Work…

What a past couple of months it has been for the Boston Bruins. They have made it to the top of the hockey mountain and celebrated like rock stars. Whether it’s getting a misspelled tattoo (Marchand) or going shirtless and spending $8 million dollars at Foxwoods (Marchand), the Bruins celebrated and they did it the right way.

Tonight, against the puckin’ Flyers, all of the celebration and partying comes to an end, for the time being. There isn’t a better opponent for the B’s to raise the Stanley Cup banner against. Well, maybe the Montreal Canadiens, but nevertheless, what a big smack in the face to the Flyers to have to watch Boston celebrate their championship. With the epic collapse against the Flyers a year ago, followed by the sweep of them this season en route to a title, it just has to leave the Flyers feeling like shit. And that is awesome.

What’s New?

1.) Recchi has retired. Recchi had dad strength. They are going to miss that dad strength and wisdom come later on in theseason. You just know he had a lot of awesome dad comments, and made awesome dad noises, when the situation warranted such dad actions. He had a great career and he helped the Bruins reach the ultimate goal. It will be tough to replace a guy like that, but Rich Peverley will be stepping up to take his place on Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand’s line.

2.) What’s up new guys? Joe Corvo comes over from the Carolina Hurricanes, the home of boring hockey. Corvo can bring the wood. He has a rocket of a shot and plays physical. He should fit in nicely in a town that gives a hoot about their puck.

Benoit Pouliot. Eh, he was on the Canadiens last year. Does that I mean I don’t like him? Yes, yes it does dammit. Can he win me over? Of course, he must prove himself first.  He must win over the Boston fan base. How you might ask? I don’t know, maybe hosting a bake sale, or shoveling my driveway. Either way, his true colors will come out when the B’s play the Canadiens.

3). Between the pipes. Tim Thomas is undoubtedly the starting goalie. Hands down, he deserves to be. However, Tuukka Rask the understudy, may look to have a bigger role with the team this season. It will be interesting to see how they end up splitting time, but as far as a 1,2 punch goes, the Bruins have arguably the best combo in the league.

What to expect?

This season is going to be awesome. The Bruins have a target on their back. That will make every game exciting, especially the games against bullshit teams. Everyone wants to take a shot at Boston, so bring it. The division will be crazy once again. The powerplay needs to be better. The penalty killing needs to be a point of strength, yet again, with how hard the B’s play. Penalties are going to happen. Seguin? Well this is his year to prove he can play a full season at a high level. We’ll see what the kid can do. There isn’t much change over as far as the roster is concerned. Will there be a hangover? Of course there will be some sort of hangover. They have had like 4 days off since winning it all. That may have them looking a little rusty here and there, but they will be fine. Ladies and gentlemen, HOCKEY IS BACK…BOOM

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