Plaxico Burress says “thank you” to the Patriots for Super Bowl XLII catch… asshole

WEEI — The man who caught the game-winning catch against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII still can’t believe his good fortune that led to one of the most dramatic catches in Super Bowl becoming the first 19-0 team in NFL history.  history. On Sunday, Plaxico Burress – now with the Jets – faces the Patriots for the first time since the catch the crushed New England’s sports psyche and ended the Patriots’ dreams of

In a Wednesday conference call with Patriots reporters, Burress said he couldn’t believe his good luck when Ellis Hobbs matched up on him in single coverage with no help, just moments before hauling in the 13-yard fade from Eli Manning to put the Giants ahead with 35 seconds remaining. “It was a play we had run twice,” Burress said. “Eli had told me before we broke the huddle that if they gave me single coverage, he was going to throw it. I’m just thinking to myself, ‘There’s no way they’re going to single cover me at this time of the game, and they actually went with ‘Cover-0’ with no safety help…They had single-covered me maybe a handful of times that whole game. Coming off the NFC Championship game and the game we had in Week [17] at Giants Stadium, they were really focused on taking me out of the football game and for them to give me that coverage with that on the line, I didn’t think they would but, thank you.”

Dude, that was like four years ago… get over it. This son of a gun just pours it on after we finally got over the Pats loss to Plax and the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. I understand why people are making a big deal of this, it was one of the biggest moments in Boston sports history, but isn’t it time to let it go? Hobbs is gone, heck a ton of those guys are gone including David Tyree who made the best catch of the game, not Plaxico.What the hell has Plaxico Burress done since this? Spend some time and jail and then join the Jets? Who cares. Lets move on and talk about Wes Welker. Welker is about to break all types of records and this is without having a deep threat like Randy Moss to spread the field for him. So Plaxico, thank you for fueling the fire so Belichick waxes your team up and down the field this week.


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