Remembering Terry Francona: His lip bombs

Terry Francona was one of many who fell victim to the common habit and baseball tradition, of chewing tobacco. Like Terry’s peers in the game, he enjoyed a hefty pinch of raw tobacco jammed to the side of his cheek. And often he would rap it around a large wad of Big League Chew (green apple flavor is the best), and shove the entire thing to the side of his mouth, soaking in the clashing flavors of child hood candy and cancer.

It was normal though. Every game Tito would pull out the Red Man Tobacco and Big League Chew and make a ball of opposite meanings. Using something to prevent chewing tobacco and mixing it with actual chewing tobacco was a man move that spit in the face of “Truth” marketing campaigns. Tito was not an innovator with this move though. It has long been ingrained in baseball culture and with players who refused to believe the potential long term and face altering affects of chew.  But, it’s a man move dammit.  And Francona was on full “man” display each and every game, making it his signature.

As far as me, Moose, chew has never agreed with me.  The one time I tried it in high school I had already consumed three beers and decided to give the whole “dip” thing a whirl.  Low and behold 8 minutes later, I found myself hurling up blood and ungodly things on my friends white fence.  And of course I didn’t clean it up.  So that experience makes me respect the guys who have stronger stomachs and lesser psychs than I do.  And evidently, Tito is one of those guys.  Mad respect Tito, don’t ever change.

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