Bernard Berrian has interesting words for double-amputee war veteran

After the Vikings fell to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Berrian took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, during which it appeared as though he was upset with the number of passes he’s been thrown. Berrian only has two catches for 37 yards this season, while being targeted 16 times.

As Yahoo Sports points out, one fan, John Kriesel (@JohnKriesel), wasn’t particularly happy with Berrian’s complaints and decided to offer up this tweet that elicited a response from the wide receiver:

“If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice (Bernard Berrian) who says that he’s open a lot and should get the ball more”

Berrian responded with:

“@johnkriesel Anytime u wanna watch the film with me. Not just one game but all of them. And if not sit down n shut up!!”

The only problem with this exchange is that Kriesel is a double amputee and an Iraqi war veteran. He’s also the co-author of Still Standing, which is the story of how he lost his legs and two friends in a roadside bomb explosion and the challenges he’s faced since. He’s also a Minnesota state representative.”


Not knowing enough information in certain situations is never good.  Not having an answer when called upon in class or not having the right knowledge of a black guy after refusing to let them in your house, are scenarios where having the proper information could help.  And this situation with Bernard Berrian isn’t any different.  In fact, it’s as bad as you could get.  Going after a war vet alone is un-American, but a double amputee war veteran is inhumane.  Obviously Berrian did not know either side to this gentleman, so the phrase “sit down and shut up” doesn’t really mesh well.  It’s like telling a group of Jews they can’t have mustard at a delicatessen, it doesn’t make sense.

So if I were Berrian, I would plead ignorance.  Because if he doesn’t, his house might be burned down within the next day.  Or even worse, his Twitter account might be suspended.

One thought on “Bernard Berrian has interesting words for double-amputee war veteran

  1. Realist says:

    Ummmm you couldn’t be more wrong here Moose. Vet or not. Amputee or not…. can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. You can give it, but you can’t take it?

    Ok so he said “shut up or ‘sit’ down”. And he didn’t know he lost his legs… that was bad but maybe Kriesel shouldn’t talk shit?

    Em I wrong, here?

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