The Patriots officially have the highest ticket prices in the NFL

Patriots fans have always been a passionate bunch. Now that passion is reflected in the team’s ticket prices, as the demand to attend home games at Gillette Stadium continues to rise.

The average ticket price for Patriots home games has now surpassed the average ticket price for Packers home games, according to SeatGeek. By surpassing the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Patriots are now the definitive leader in NFL ticket prices.

The average ticket price for Pats home games is $291, much higher than the Packers’ $243 average home price, which ranks second in the NFL.

The most demanded Patriots game this season is the team’s Week 5 matchup against the Jets, while the Packers’ most demanded game is their Week 6 showdown with the Rams. The average ticket price for the Patriots-Jets game is $381, and the average price for the Packers-Rams game is $269. That $112 difference is coincidentally about the same price as the average ticket ($116) to the Week 6 Saints-Buccaneers game in Tampa.

No shit right. Not to sound redundant but the Patriots crowd won’t be getting any louder with increased ticket prices. Because lets face it, the only people who can afford these tickets are corporate parties and coke dealers. Neither groups being loyal fans. So as the stadium continues to fill up with people who order red wine and brie, the people who actually know the game and order the chili cheese fries (hands down best thing at Gillette) are left to sit at home. The Gilette crowd is the worst in the league for a reason.


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