Roger Goodell proposes ban on three point stances

MIAMI – A ban on the three-point stance? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says it’s possible.

Concerned about concussions, Goodell said the league will keep looking for ways to make the game safer. Speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation” hours before the Super Bowl, he didn’t rule out the idea of banning the three-point stance for linemen to reduce the ferocity of collisions at the line of scrimmage.

“As you’ll see tonight, you’ll see a lot of players that never get down in a three-point stance,” Goodell said yesterday. “So it’s possible that would happen.”

 While science is still trying to determine the long-term effects of concussions, Goodell said, the league has made progress in increasing awareness about the severity of such injuries.

“For many years the culture had been quite different – that concussions weren’t serious injuries,” he said. “I think we have changed that culture and made sure that people understand they are serious, and they can have serious consequences if they’re not treated properly.”

Goodell has met with NFL competition committee co-chair Rich McKay to begin evaluating possible rules changes.
NFL offenses are now going to need 7 foot quarterbacks to see over the STANDING defensive line, so hopefully Pervis Ellison and Mr. Larson are ready to go.  But this rule will completely change the game in a horrible way.  The running games will suffer because instead of a lower powerful push, the offensive and defensive line will start in a hugging position, unable to get as much explosion as before.  So the blocking is going to go to shit.
Goodell is completely revamping the game of football in a rancid, rancid way.  Head to head collisions are unavoidable in football.  Starting the lineman standing up will still result in them cracking heads, just like they would be doing from a three point stance.

The guy is unbelievable.  Like concussions ever killed anyone..

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