Raider Fans are an extreme version of “Pink Hats”

Oakland is known for a few things. Their poor economic climate, violent streets and neighborhoods, and over the top Raider fans that fill the shitty seats in that shitty Oakland stadium. The supposedly “hard core” group of fans dress to the nines in Raiders attire, often seen wearing spikes, shoulder pads, face paint, chains, and any other inconvenient thing you could wear to a football game. So the question is, are these jerk-offs even legitimate fans or are they simply dressing the part to go to a game? And from what fans have seen in Boston, “pink hats” {definition: (noun) a fan who has no real knowledge of the team or sport but attends a game wearing team inspired colors or jerseys in order to fit in. Usually the person attends the game solely for the social aspect.} have invaded each sport. And the Raider fans are just a different version of that.

A pink hat fan knows two things: 1) What time the game starts 2) What color the home team’s jersey is. Everything else is German to them. Maybe they might know a star player or two, but it is usually rare. If they do know a starter on the team, the pink hat will wear the hell out of that jersey and overly cheer for that player at an obnoxious level during the game.

And if anyone has seen Raiders fans, they have taken the pink hat concept to a whole other level. Wearing shoulder pads to a game you will watch from the stands is the one of the most mind numbing, poorly planned ideas. And Raider’s fans do this. A lot of them do. If that’s not bad enough, they layer on face paint and designs that show intimidation. All of this compensating for their extreme lack of knowledge for the game and their team. And wearing these costumes to games has become a culture in Oakland. A culture very similar to Pink Hat nation.

So as the Raider fans act like drunk high school juniors on Halloween this Sunday, remember that down to the core they are equivalent to your girlfriend on sports knowledge. Although they may appear more intimidating, they would probably be belting out “Sweet Caroline” if they lived on the East Coast.


8 thoughts on “Raider Fans are an extreme version of “Pink Hats”

  1. Skeletor says:

    I think y you couldn’t be more wrong. Raiders fans have had this tradtion long before pink hats evolved after the recent Boston championships in 04 in 07. Pink hats try to fit in, Oakland fans do it to stand out. And you won’t see pink hats attending games for a team that AL Davis has run into the ground this past decade and hasn’t won a championship since 1981.

    Pinks hats wouldn’t live in a shit city, attend a shit park in a shit part of town.This is reserved for the die hards. Fenway is Disney world compared to the Colosseum, hell Gonzo could be Mickey Mouse himself. Raiders fans take the time to paint their faces and dress up every sunday a pink hat just… well…puts on a pink hat and calls it good. Raiders fans have dedication, exactly what a pink hat doesn’t have. Raiders fans more closely resemble the inebriated white-trash upper deck bruins fans, not fair weather pink hats.

    As for their lack of knowledge of the game, If you are trying to tell me big ol’ number 57 up top there on the left didn’t play linebacker in high school and simply knows nothing about football… I’m not buying it. I’m sure he would tell you about all about if you had the balls to get within 10 feet of him. Let’s just say this – not you, or even dumb ass Adolfo are going to be interviewing these guys anytime soon to find out how dedicated they guys are. Pink hats are jokes. These guys are for real.

  2. Al davis says:

    Faggots , at least be put 2 pats fans in the hospital when they came to see the game,Scoreboard Bitch!!! Hahaha Raider Nation!!!!!!

  3. Raider - Nana 86 says:

    Fenway park is a crap asz park, the design of the field is an effin joke.. Who the heck came up with the idea to put a wall half way through the outfield?! To make it worse they call it The Green Monster but it should be called THE GREEN WEENIE!! Boston tries to make it sound like it’s a vintage park but it’s no Wrigley field.. Nobody knows who owns the Redsox or the other Boston teams but everyone knows who Al Davis was, whether you loved him or hated him HE was an OWNER “Just Win Baby!!” it took you guys 86 years to win a dang championship.. Let’s not even start with the logo; two dangling red long socks.. SERIOUSLY who the heck wears red tube socks?! The only people I see wearing red socks are the QUEENS walking down Castro st. (I have to apologize to my gay neighbors for comparing you to a Boston fan, I am really sorry) I would really want to know the thought process behind the choosing of that name…. On a historical note: who the heck trades Babe Ruth to the dang Yankees.. That’s like the Bulls trading Jordan to the Pistons or Pacers..

    The only PINK fans are the ones that accidentally add bleach to their Boston uniforms..

    Next time your looking for a scrub asz fan base don’t search across the country, just look out your window, there’s enough material to work with in Boston!!

    RAIDER NATION B*tch..!!..

  4. Me says:

    You’re a strange person aren’t you ?, so you think elaborate costumes, spectacle, partying and loud cheering, at a sporting event, is something negative ???
    Sure, lets instead have stadiums were everybody is safely sitting down, the loudest noise you hear is people yelling fore prawn sandwiches and guys are too concerned whit there calorie intake too order beer. (mmm reason, i am planing ahead and brought umbrellas just in case…
    Hate people that have a need to tell everybody else how much better fans they are, should you have to pass sports knowledge tests before you enter Gillette Stadium ?
    I Would rather have 50 loud fans in the stands, than a thousand silently striving to be gridiron almanac´s.
    But that´s just my opinion

    Wir haben alle unterschiedliche Ansätze !

  5. ACV says:

    Not to mention that it is a slim few people that are actually dressing up for the games. I’m a raiders season ticket holder and I can tell you right now that most of the fans In The stadium are just wearing a jersey or black t-shirt. All of them are dedicated though and spend their hard earned cash in a blue collar city which is tough to progress in on going to raiders games. That’s dedication. If you want to see the ABSOLUTE DEFINITION of pink hat fans you have to look across the bay to San Francisco for the Giants baseball games. The fans know nothing about baseball and think that the players om their team are the best in the league when they can’t name 5 players outside of the giants. 20 years ago the giants played in the worst park in baseball and only a few thousand strong showed up. They were dedicated. Once the team got their waterfront downtown ballpark, all these people started showing up to games because going to giants games is now the “in thing to do.” it’s a place to see and be seen, not watch baseball. And the team winning a world series did not help for obvious reasons. I guess my point is that football fans are just more hardcore and dedicated in the first place and you’ll find a lot more “pink hat” fans at baseball games. Also, don’t call these guys pink hat fans because they’ve been showing up for decades and even flying down to LA for games when the raiders playing there. Raider nation is extremely dedicated and hardcore and I’m proud to be a member of it

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