Chinese delivery man steals Falcons player’s golf clubs and sells them for ecstasy

Falcons placekicker Matt Bryant‘s golf clubs were stolen by a man delivering Chinese food to Bryant’s home in Atlanta, according to police.

The robbery happened on Sept. 16, when 22-year-old Kristian Vail allegedly walked into Bryant’s open garage, stole the bag of clubs, delivered Bryant’s food and left. The clubs are valued at more than $3000. Vail is facing felony burglary charges.

The clubs were found by tracking the serial numbers on the Internet. According to Braselton Police assistant chief Lou Solis, Vail traded both the clubs and the bag for 80 ecstasy pills. All but three of the clubs have been recovered, but Bryant’s beloved Scotty Cameron putter has not been found.”

So ecstasy drug dealers play a lot of golf these days huh? Never though ecstasy and golf mixed. I know because one time I was on ecstasy and went golfing, and four hours later ended up in the middle of the high way crying with scraped shins. I didn’t know how I got their or why I was still carrying a golf bag, but it was pretty miserable.

But all I know is I’ve never trusted a Chinese delivery guy. Check that, any delivery guy for that matter. Because they know what state of hunger you are in when you order food. You are desperate and almost in a trance. You get your food, throw money at them, and then tear the bag open from the side ready to punish whatever you are about to eat. When you are in that state, the delivery man can literally do whatever he wants on your property because you are so focused on inhaling 2 orders of Crab Ran Goon and Pork Lomein. And that’s what happened here. Classic, careless, food trance mistake.


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